How to Pick Wedding Flowers

Whether you know nothing about carnations or are an expert on peonies, picking your wedding flowers is a significant responsibility – so we enlisted the advice of professionals.

Your wedding flowers will play a significant role in the overall aesthetic of your special day. Your wedding flowers will create the tone and theme for the day, whether you pick just a bouquet and buttonholes or decorate the entire venue.

But, given most of us aren’t secretly Alan Titchmarsh, where do you begin when it comes to selecting wedding flowers? Do you like fresh or silk? What foods are in season? What flowers go well together? What are you able to receive for your money?

We interviewed a variety of experienced florists for their finest wedding flower recommendations and guidance.

Should I Hire a Florist or Create My Wedding Flowers?

You must first decide whether to hire a florist to arrange your wedding flowers or do it yourself. A florist’s typical cost of wedding flowers is £1,200-£1,500, which may prompt some brides to go DIY.

However, doing things yourself may not be more cost-effective. “Getting and arranging flowers is a lot of labour that would fatigue and stress out the bride and bridal party.” Although it may appear less expensive at first, by the time the bride obtains all necessary supplies and puts in the effort, it is not,” adds Izabella Fountain of The Blossom Company.

Making your flowers is a difficult task. A florist will be able to transform your thoughts into reality; they will source, arrange, and deliver your flowers; they will know what last-minute alterations to make if flowers aren’t suddenly available, and they will know when to put together an arrangement to ensure it appears as fresh as possible. Most brides do not want to do this the night before their wedding. Paying for a florist’s experience, originality, and ability is often worthwhile.

Remember that your wedding images will be with you for a lifetime; your flower selection can make or break the aesthetic of your day.

What Is The Most Important Factor To Take Into Account When Choosing Wedding Flowers?

Your budget. Determine this first, and then meet with a few different florists to see what they can give for the price you can afford.

“Your budget will affect the types and sizes that can be made,” explains Sam Garner of Stock Florist. It’s better to be honest with your florist, and having a realistic budget allows the florist to best educate you and show you various ideas that could become a reality.”

Prioritize flowers that are “must haves” vs “nice to haves,” such as bouquets for your wedding party versus a centrepiece for each table. If you’re on a restricted budget, there’s no point going to a florist with a Pinterest board full of flower arches, centrepieces, and ceiling displays, as well as flower crowns for all your bridesmaids. As previously said, a minimum floral spend of £1,000 is expected for only bridal party flowers and some venue décor.

Be forthright from the outset. Florists are incredibly creative and skilful; we guarantee they can design something stunning within your budget.

How Important Is the Wedding Theme?

Gerbera flowers, for example, would not work with a vintage or shabby chic’ motif — they work for modern, contemporary weddings. On the other hand, vintage-style weddings are better suited to gypsophila, peonies, David Austin roses, and carnations.

It is critical to discuss your topic with your florist. In tight, compact bunches, peonies and roses fit a traditional atmosphere. On the other hand, lush bouquets of delicate, large blossoms will strike a romantic note. Sleek and minimalist arrangements are more modern, while loose clusters of flowers and plants offer a more rustic air. Your florist will advise you on the best styles for your wedding.

A country garden theme will fit brilliant or pastel spring and summer flowers; warm autumnal flowers are ideal for a rustic barn wedding, and an extravagant winter wedding requires lots of rich colours and fir or pine leaves.

Pinterest and Instagram are excellent resources for determining what works and what does not. Look up your wedding theme and see whether you like the flower choices other brides have picked. Hitched’s inspiration galleries can also be searched by wedding topic.

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