Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road

Obesity is a pretty commonly observed problem among truck drivers, and it’s not difficult to work out why. Driving for excessive periods of time takes a great deal of concentration and energy and can easily tire you out. However, you are not exactly burning calories when sitting stationary in the seat of a vehicle for hours, so all the high-calorie snacks are not matched by the appropriate physical exercise. That is the simple reason for the problem.

And the example of truck drivers shows well how driving can be unhealthy for anyone, as well as the need to take some care of your health if you frequently drive for long distances.

Even ordinary motorists should consider the health hazards of driving and how to maintain one’s health. It isn’t just obesity that is a risk. Things like stress as you hurtle towards an important destination to a schedule, the risks of things like eye strain from watching the road, and various other health issues are all particularly common among drivers. To that end, some “healthy driving” tips might well be in order.

The Safety Dimension

As well as the obvious importance of looking after your health as a driver, poor driver health can also affect the quality of your driving. Being constantly stressed behind the wheel or becoming tired too quickly can affect the quality of your driving. All it takes is a moment’s “dozing off” after the caffeine crash for you to begin drifting dangerously close to the highway cable barrier.

Highway safety expert Valtir says that becoming a healthy driver and ameliorating the adverse health effects of driving will not only improve your general health but will make you a better driver. A driver that is less stressed and with more energy to concentrate on the road.

Healthy Driver Tips

So, if you want to manage your general health as a regular driver, here are some tips:

Limit the Sugar and Caffeine

You might feel that you need constant cups of coffee to make it through that long journey but, past a certain point, drinking coffee can have the opposite effect. Caffeine and sugar crashes can come on suddenly and actually make you very tired indeed.

It is far better to prioritize things that release energy more slowly, like a banana on top of a well-rounded breakfast. Of course, a few cups of coffee over the day are not a problem.

Get Enough Rest

Manage your time properly, and you can replace energy boosts with bouts of sleep. You might need to go a long way, but you should know when it’s time for a rest – and insist upon it. Nobody wants to compromise either your safety or the safety of the vehicle because you are too tired behind the wheel. Losing a bit of time is certainly preferable to that.


As mentioned, driving tires you out, but you will not have moved an inch in all that time. That way lies obesity, diabetes, and circulation problems. These are all things that some regular exercise will effectively deal with, so try to work this into your schedule.

Meal Plan Around Your Route

Try to plan your route a bit more carefully, and then plan your routes according to meal times. This will allow you to get the energy you need for driving while still following a meal plan and eating at the right times each day. This is far preferable to eating on the go and whenever you feel hungry.

Ultimately, being a better driver is good for everybody – both yourself and everybody else that relies on your safe and effective driving.

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