Safety Tips: Moving with Furniture

Moving can be stressful, and this is particularly true when you have to move bulky pieces of furniture. From searching for a reputed mover company, to acquiring appropriate packing supplies, this can be a hassle. That’s not all, though! Safety is yet another aspect to keep in mind, and you don’t want to incur injuries or damage your items during the move.

 Check out safety tips for moving with furniture:

1. Wear comfortable outfits

 We can’t disregard the role of proper clothing when moving. Your choice of outfits can be the leading cause of injuries when lifting items. For instance, loose-fitting clothes and a comfortable pair of shoes will come in handy. Loose garments are comfortable, and breathable fabrics will allow you to move easily. 

Similarly, a comfortable pair of shoes allows you to move freely and avoid slips and falls. Go for sneakers that cover the toes and offer adequate ankle support. Gloves should also form part of your outfits. Movers from a professional moving company wear them to improve grip and protect their hands during a move.

2. Check for danger zones.

 Most people incur injuries when moving furniture. And this is simply because they fail to check the danger zones. A danger zone is typically anything that can hinder you from freely moving your furniture pieces. This can be, for instance, shoes, boxes, toys, clutter, and items on the pathway that pose safety hazards. Before moving your furniture, check whether there are other pieces on the way and move them to clear the pathway. Also, ensure that kids and pets maintain a safe distance as you haul your furniture.

3. Check for debris on your exteriors.

You can incur injuries when moving your furniture from your home or office to the moving truck. And this is particularly true when there’s debris in the outdoors. To stay safe, clean the area to ease the work of the moving team. This will also help avoid accidents that can happen when you trip on clutter during the loading process.

4. Use moving straps& slider.

 If you have engaged a professional mover company in the past, you may have noticed the team using straps to move bulky furniture. This can save you from injuries by shifting the weight from your back to stronger muscles in your body. A slider also serves almost the same purpose. It features rubber and plastic on either side to help slide the furniture with ease. Using straps and sliders makes it easy to move and maneuver different sides of the room.

5. Consider a furniture dolly.

A furniture dolly is a handy tool for both professional and DIY moves. It’s a wheeled handcart used to move bulky furniture from the rooms to the mover truck. It features padded edges to protect items from danger when maneuvering through cones. 

It can hold many pounds and will save you a lot of time and injuries. If engaging a mover company, you don’t have to worry about this; these teams have the appropriate tools and equipment to ensure a hassle-free and safe move.

Final thoughts

 Safety is a vital consideration when moving. To reduce the risk of injuries and furniture damages, acquire proper packaging supplies and engage professional movers. This will save time, costs and help avoid accidents and injuries.

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