Placing Your Business on the Path to Prosperity

For the vast majority of the world, seasons do change. And with each change comes the challenge of maintaining a comfortable home or work environment. HVAC systems offer a dependable way to regulate indoor temperatures, ensuring that the occupants can enjoy comfort when needed. However, machinery can become faulty and worn, requiring the services of an expert technician to restore functionality.

If you own an HVAC business or are just starting in the industry, you need a partner that can help provide you with the HVAC business coaching and training required to succeed in your job. Beyond technical expertise, you also need to understand how you can best relate with existing and prospective clients to boost the earning potential of your business.

With our Service Hero Academy app, you can access all the learning materials you will ever need to turn your novice technicians into industry experts. Your technicians will be capable of satisfying whatever HVAC-related demands your clients have and endow your comfort advisors with the skills and knowledge needed to turn leads into sales for a better bottom line.

This handy sales training app has helped hundreds of businesses to grow their earnings, and over 2,000 technicians up their skill levels and ability to deliver a wider range of services.

If you are an HVAC business owner struggling to grow your business, know that many others have flourished during the pandemic. The only difference between you and them lies in what quality of training, knowledge, and support you have access to.

The Service Hero Academy has been built by Victor Rancour of Absolute Airflow and air conditioning company in Southern California who understand what it means to not just serve as technicians in the field but also the struggle of being a budding entrepreneur seeking to gain a foothold in the market. They have taken the lessons they learned and turned them into a resource that other business owners can tap into and exploit for business growth.

Why Train with Service Hero Academy


Service Hero Academy is a training app accessible on any internet-connected mobile device. This means that your team can look up training videos that have been categorized, whether they are at home or on the job. This convenience will make them better equipped to handle diverse scenarios whenever they crop up and study for their certifications whenever and wherever they want.


The best advice in business comes from those that have been in your shoes. With practical experience and understanding of the struggles that HVAC businesses have to contend with in the market, Victor Rancour has developed a resource that enables others like him to gain knowledge that will take their businesses to the next level. From technical expertise to sales experience, you can depend on Service Hero Academy as your one-stop shop for all HVAC-related information that you will need to grow your business.


HVAC services are highly sought after across the country and many other parts of the world. As long as there is a market, you will find helpful information and guidance on providing needed services and exploiting your sales potential. This knowledge applies to all markets and strategies that will help you expand your business exponentially.

Ease of Training 

With the Service Hero Academy, you have an easily accessible sales training app and resource database for HVAC businesses looking to grow into success. By learning from recognized experts in the industry, your technicians can become more skilled and able to tackle diverse challenges. Through training videos organized into multi-tier courses and quizzes, they can earn certifications at their own pace, with their supervisors able to track progress within the

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