Tips for Maintaining a Clean and Organized Office Space

No one likes working in clutter, so maintaining a clean and organized office space is important. If you run an office building, it is your responsibility to create an organized and tidy space for your employees. Making sure the office is organized is better for productivity and for health and wellbeing. According to the folk at All Pro Cleaning, regular office cleaning services can help to keep your workplace looking clean and tidy. Nevertheless, is there anything else that you and your staff can do to ensure a more organized environment? Below are a few tips.

Invest in Storage Solutions

Desks with piles of papers and stationery strewn about can become a distraction and, frankly, looks very messy. If you have storage solutions for everything, then the office will instantly look neater and tidier. For example, more cabinets, drawers, and shelving will provide places for items to be stored. With a place for everything, your office space will instantly look less cluttered and more organized. Trays on desks can help to organize documents that staff are working from, and special holders are great for stationery such as pens, paperclips, and staplers.

Have a Clear Out

If you have been in business for many years, you are likely to have collected assorted items that are no longer used. It could be boxes of old headed paper or files that can now be shredded. Take a day to clear out everything that does not need to be taking up space in the office. The less clutter in the office, the cleaner and more organized it will be.

Keep Floor Space Clear

Going back to the point above where buying more storage can help with organization, you should also consider making a rule that prohibits the use of floor space for anything that can be stored in cabinets or shelves. Ask staff to unpack deliveries as soon as they arrive and put items away in a designated storage space. Not only will this make the office look tidier, but it will remove any hazards and make it easier for cleaners to get to all parts of the floor when vacuuming or sweeping.

Ask Staff to Eat in Breakrooms

Staff eating at their desks is a common occurrence, but it can cause dirt and smells which are unappealing to others. Food that is accidentally dropped or spilled in and around the office can become old and moldy quite quickly, which is a health hazard for employees. Asking staff to stick to designated breakrooms when eating will solve this issue.

Organize Electrical Wires

Something that can make an otherwise clean and organized office look very untidy is a multitude of wires hanging untidily from computers and other equipment. Have someone go around and use cable tidies to gather these wires up. You can even buy special compartments that sit at the back of a desk that will hide the wires and make the area look less messy.

Go Paperless

If you can, why not try to go paperless. It might take some time to put all your customer information online but once you do, you will see a significant difference in how tidy your office environment is. Discourage staff from printing out unnecessary pages such as emails and orders. It is better for your office appearance and the environment if you switch to an online system.

In conclusion, there are a number of ways to make your office space look tidier and more organized. Getting rid of unnecessary items and providing suitable storage can make all the difference in the look of your workspace and can help to boost productivity.