The Different Varieties of Sailboats and their Uses

Sailboats are propelled by the wind through the use of sails. They are distinguished by three main attributes:

  1. hull configuration (monohull, catamaran, or trimaran)
  2. keel configuration (fin keel, wing keel, bilge keel, daggerboard, or centerboard)
  3. mast configuration and sails (sloop, fractional rig sloop, ketch, schooner, yawl, cutter, cat)

Before operating any form of watercraft, a boater must complete a boating safety course.

Below are typical varieties of sailboats for sale in Singapore, along with their respective functions.

Beach Catamaran

These are typically 14 to 20 feet long and are usually utilized for day sailing. They are swift vessels that need considerable skill to navigate. When the daggerboards are up for beaching, they have shallow draughts.

Cruising Catamaran

They are the bigger cousin of the beach catamaran and have more in common with a cruising monohull. They have accommodations for lengthy voyages. They are sturdy, shallow-draft platforms and are typically 25 to 50 feet or longer.

Cruising Sailboat

These vessels are typically 16 to 50 feet or longer and have accommodations for lengthy cruises. Typically, boats longer than 26 feet have standing headroom below. Many of the most popular boats are raced or have fleet organizations for group cruising with huge fleets.


These vessels are typically between 14 and 20 feet long. They accommodate up to four passengers. As the name suggests, these boats are designed for daily usage and have a tiny cuddy cabin for storing goods. Many can fit a small outboard motor. They are an excellent option for novice sailors.


Motorsailers are sailboats with inboard motors that are capable of extended voyages under power or sail. Typically, they are 35 feet or longer and offer luxurious accommodations. As with any vessel that attempts to do several functions well, they sacrifice sailing speed due to a smaller rig, additional weight for the engine, and more significant fuel and water tanks.


This vessel is a combination of a cruising vessel and a racing vessel. It was designed for overnight cruising but is outfitted with racing equipment. Typically, they exceed 25 feet in height.

Racing Sailboats

These vessels are comparable to cruise vessels, except they contain more machinery, are constructed from lighter materials, and have fewer amenities. They are not designed for comfort but rather for speed. These vessels are typically between 20 and 70 feet long. Similar to how they are connected to cruisers, sailing dinghies have smaller, quicker relatives that are also raced.

Sailing Dinghies

Small (under 15 ft) boats are mainly one or two-person boats. These vessels promise a wet journey. Numerous big fleets of the most popular models exist. Many are racing competitively. They are an excellent option for novices to sailing.

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