How To Teach Someone To Play A Musical Instrument?

Teaching someone to play a musical instrument is a great way to share your knowledge about music and increase your love for it. It also allows you to experience the period of seeing your student grow and become masters of their instruments.   

However, irrespective of being a professional music teacher or someone who wants to teach his friend how to play an instrument, you will require a lot of patience, hard work, and tireless effort.

But nothing to worry about. We will guide you through the whole procedure of teaching others how to play effectively and become more efficient in playing their musical instrument.

Develop A Plan:

The first thing to do when starting to teach someone a musical instrument, try to plan everything. With everything planned ahead of time, you will be able to teach more effectively, and as a result, your student will benefit from it. Your plan can consist of;

  • Types of the instrument you will use to help the other person learn and understand more easily and perfectly.
  • Choosing which riffs, songs, or chords you have to start with, based on the experience level of the other person.
  • Develop the sort of environment that can enhance the learning ability of your student.

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Stay Positive With Your Student:

In the field of teaching, regardless of the subject, positivity is the key to success. You will always have to be positive with your student no matter what because if you are not a positive influencer, your student will never be able to make it as a successful musician.

Moreover, always start your teaching sessions with a can-do attitude and try your best to keep it up throughout the session. It will allow your student to build up high morale and pay full attention to what you are teaching.

Engage Them Practically:

When it’s about learning to play a musical instrument, your best interest should be to avail a hands-on approach. Make your student practically engaged with the instrument because it will help him to understand the instrument better.

Furthermore, you should never dodge the practical engagement of your student with the musical instrument of their choice, especially in this particular subject. Even at the start of the session, let your student hold the instrument they like.


Teaching is not an easy task for everyone to deal with, so most people don’t get into it. However, if you want to teach a student and help him learn to play a musical instrument perfectly, comprehend the ways discussed in this article. It will help you teach your student effectively and allow him to succeed as a professional musician.   

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